Handcrafting is essential to Lucy's creative process. 
A background in textile design led Lucy to react against the digital mass-produced design culture, choosing instead to embrace traditional techniques, where due to the nature of the process, pieces would be unique.
No stitch sewn by hand can be exactly replicated, and so every embroidered artwork Lucy creates is the only one of its kind in the world. This approach is not limited to sewing however, Lucy uses traditional printmaking processes in all her paper based designs, producing original collages, screen-prints and digital designs that are full of printed texture and hand crafted influence.
Ethical and sustainable production is a core value of Lucy's practice. Fabric is sourced secondhand from scrap textiles and charity shops, then recycled into artwork. The glass frames used for embroideries are bought from nkuku lifestyle, a handmade ethical supplier who partner with independent artisans to produce their products. ​​​​​​​