Lucys central influence is the beauty of the natural world, she is driven by her passion for exploring the outdoors, travel, and watching beautiful awe inspiring documentaries. (Whose life wasn't changed by Blue Planet?)
Her work is a celebration of  these environments, from the mysterious deep sea to sprawling, overgrown rainforests. 
She loves to go hiking and finds inspiration in the beautiful scenes of Peak District near her home in Sheffield, as well as frequent visits to botanical gardens and art galleries to see her favourite artists work. 
Early inspirations include lots of comic books and artists that are known for their use of colour, Monet, Matisse and Sonia Delaunay to name a few. 
Colour is Lucy's passion, to create vibrant, playful and unexpected combinations is a joy! Our homes are a playground for colour, and Lucy's artworks are made to complement your interiors, whether you love all things bright and bold or peaceful natural greenery.​​​​​​​