Lucy Freeman is a textile artist based in Edinburgh. 
Merging the traditional craft of embroidery with contemporary design, her work is full of vibrant colours, painterly stitching and delicate botanical and floral imagery. Lucy creates entirely hand-crafted wall hangings and framed embroideries, often working on a large scale rarely seen in embroidery. Her innovative methods for framing and presenting embroidery have elevated her work to national recognition in galleries and the press.
Lucy loves to introduce people to embroidery, she is an experienced tutor, having taught workshops across the UK for the last six years, as well as producing a successful range of embroidery kits, which have been sold in John Lewis and Liberty. Lucy is also a regular contributor to craft magazines including Mollie Makes and Love Embroidery, where her embroidery projects have featured as the cover star several times.
She loves to push the boundaries of embroidery, using freestyle methods and large textured stitches in a bold painterly style. Often working on an impressive scale (her largest wall hanging is the size of a door!) she has also developed an innovative method for framing embroidery within glass. Continually experimenting, Lucy creates textile artwork that is unexpected and exciting.